Faucet Repair and Installation

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Upgrade & Fix Your Faucet

Practical Plumbing LLC provides secure faucet repair in Greeley, CO and new installations. If you’d like to get connected with a specialist get in touch with us at 970-380-5863. Get an inspection and get matched with the right services.

Types of Faucets

There are many types of faucets out there nowadays that will have different parts and operations which will determine different kinds of repairs or installations that will need to be made. There are four different types of faucet valves which are as follows:

  • Ball Valved Faucet (single handle faucet)
  • Cartridge Valved Faucet (single or double handle faucet)
  • Ceramic Disk Valved Faucet (single or double handle faucet)
  • Compression Valved Faucet (single handle faucet)

The most common single handle option is either a ball valve or a ceramic disk. The most common two-handle kind is a cartridge valve typically seen on inexpensive faucets. Ceramic disk valves are typically seen with more premium ones. Ultimately, each valve has its own unique design and procedures for repair.

Faucet Installation

Having a new fixture placed is a great way to add more modern and fresh looks to your property. However, having them seamlessly integrated into your plumbing connections will best be done with the help of a professional plumber. We have a range of materials and styles for you to choose from that can be added anywhere on your property from bathrooms, kitchens, and more. With a new faucet, you can provide easier operations in use. When you need an expert plumber count on our team of professionals.

Faucet Replacement

Faucets, like other components of your plumbing system, will also reach a certain age limit and require a replacement eventually. If your faucet is old and worn it will be essential to get it replaced to avoid mildew build-up, low water pressures, and more. Parts can wear out like flanges and gaskets which can also cause further issues like leaks. We’ll be able to provide you with a better operating faucet with new and fresh looks as well as convenience of use.

If you need assistance with determining the severity of faucet problems that may require a replacement or faucet repair in Greeley, CO ask our team of plumbers for their advice. They’ll be able to inspect the severity of damages and best recommend the most cost-efficient course of action for your particular case. Our honest plumbers are here to help you out, call us today.

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Call Our Team of Experts

Practical Plumbing LLC is a reputable plumbing company that’s here to provide you with professional faucet repair in Greeley, CO and installations. To get started call us at 970-380-5863. We’ll be happy to guide you through your options.