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Tankless Water Heaters In Greeley, CO

Tankless Water Heaters in Greeley, CO, and Surrounding Areas

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Tankless water heaters are refined appliances that provide an unending hot water supply. Since it only heats water when needed, it saves a lot of energy than standard tank-style water heaters. Due to their complexity, tankless water heaters necessitate frequent maintenance to ensure optimal quality and durability. Contact Us Today for Tankless Water Heaters in Greeley, CO, and Surrounding Areas.

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Tankless Water Heater Service

It is recommended that you get your water heater checked at least once a year. Tankless water heater service should be performed twice a year if you live in a region with hard water or have the temperature of the water set to a high setting. This will assist in guaranteeing that all of the heater’s components function properly.

Maintenance Process

During maintenance, there will be some things that need to be completed:

  • Getting the system clean
    At least once every year, your water heater must be cleansed. Minerals build up within the water heater over time. Mineral deposits might harm your unit’s heat exchanger. The tank’s efficiency may degrade, resulting in a greater monthly energy cost. By not flushing it regularly, you may significantly reduce the life expectancy of the tankless water heater.
  • Keeping the air filter clean
    There is an air filter in the tankless water heater that must be cleaned regularly. Remove the filter from the hot water system to clean it. After that, grab a soft brush and wash it with a soapy water solution. To guarantee optimal ventilation, make sure it is completely clean. Before placing it back in the water heater, please give it a thorough rinse and allow it to dry fully.
  • Water filter cleaning
    To keep your water heater working properly, you’ll need to filter out these particles regularly. Cut off the water supply to the water heater before removing the filter. Clean the filter by removing it. You may use warm water and soap or a towel to clean it. See your user guidebook if you’re having trouble finding your water filter.
  • Keeping the tank clean
    Wipe clean the front of the tank, containing any dust or dirt accumulated. Before you begin, turn off the electricity and the water supply. Wipe the tank and the area around it down. Debris can accumulate within the water heater, causing problems. Tankless water heater service can guarantee that your unit is operating properly.

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Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before conducting any service on your water heater to protect your safety. If you have any questions regarding keeping the tankless water heater in good working order, don’t hesitate to contact Practical Plumbing. You can call for all of your residential service and repair requirements.

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