Types of Plumbing Pumps in Greeley, CO

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system.

Clear Out Extra Water From Your Landscape

When there is an excess of water on your property, consider installing a plumbing pump to distribute water away from your home. Practical Plumbing LLC has different types of plumbing pumps in Greeley, CO that will do the job you want. Call us at 970-380-5863 to learn more about your options.

Our Plumbing Pumps

There are four primary types of plumbing pumps used for properties and they are sump pumps, sewage pumps, utility pumps and well pumps. Sump pumps are able to remove water that collects in basins around a property’s foundation. Many are submersible and and have a manual or semi-automatic motor housed in a water-tight compartment which allows the pump to be fully immersed in liquid. Sewage effluent pumps will pump liquids and semi-solids. They are typically placed in basements or a below-grade area. They are strong enough to pump from a sewage basin to the main sewer line for removal.

What to Consider

It’s important to choose the right pump that will match with capacity, pumping power, and pressure. Think about durability, energy efficiency, and the fuel source as well.

  • Capacity is how much fluid the pump can move and it’s measured in gallons per minute or gallons per hour. 
  • Power is measured in horsepower as the higher the horsepower, the quicker the pump will work. The quicker the pump, the better the performance wil be for moving water larger distances.
  • Quality pumps are made of a variety of sturdy materials that include sheet metal, stainless steel, cast iron and other materials.
  • Power sources like gasoline create a higher-speed machine. Other fuel sources to consider include natural gas, electricity, diesel, compressed air, hydraulics or a hand crank.
  • Head pressure has to do with how powerful a pump is. A vertical discharge head pressure for example will have to do with the vertical lift in height which indicates the point where the pump can no longer exert enough pressure.

Pump Design

There are several features to consider with pumps as well as their design. Consider the following:

  • Pumps with a battery backup feature will have emergency power in case of a power outage.
  • Pumps with alarms will alert you when water leaks or there are other problems.
  • Centrifugal pumps can be surface-mounted or submersible. They accelerate liquids with a revolving device called a rotor impeller. A rotor impeller pushes liquids out through a valve opening. 
  • A diaphragm pump is a type of positive displacement pump. It expands and contracts a membrane in a regular rhythm. This provides a steady, consistent flow, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks.
  • A self-priming pump doesn’t need to be primed. Priming is supplying fluid manually to the pumping chamber. This makes a self-priming pump easier and more convenient to operate.
  • Adjustable-speed pumps increase efficiency by allowing you to customize the speed.
  • Corrosion-resistant pumps are a more durable choice for placement in or around water.
  • Magnetic pumps do not have seals. They are less likely to leak. They also use a magnetic coupling to power their impeller. 

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Plumbing Pump Repair

If your plumbing pump is operating oddly or not at all, our team of trained and certified plumbers will diagnose the problem and get your system running well once more.

A sump pump with some water around it.

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