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What Are Common Problems For Water Heaters?

Professional plumbers suggest that every homeowner should know about different water heater problems. This way, they can prevent significant problems and know when to contact a reputable company for water heater repair in Greeley, CO.

Some common water heater problems.


The heater fails to warm the water.

The primary object of a water heater is to heat the water. If this efficiency is absent in your unit, multiple issues can occur.

  1. For an electric water heater, the connection might be loose.
  2. The burner is loose for the gas water heater, or the pilot light is not lit.
  3. If the pilot light is visible, but the gas doesn’t ignite, you may have to call for a water heater replacement in Greeley, CO.

The water is leaking.


For any heater, water leakage is a common problem. The most common water leakage issue happens when the water makes micro leaks in the tanks. This sign indicates that it is necessary to opt for a water heater replacement in Greeley, CO. Apart from this, the water leakage problem happens due to the following problems:

  1. The condensation issue.
  2. Water spilling from the pressure pipe etc.

To avoid these problems, try to contact a professional plumbing company for water heater repair in Greeley, CO.

Water heating takes time.

Many homeowners do not set the thermostat at the proper temperature. As a result, the water heater takes more time to warm the water. You may adjust the thermostat to solve this problem, or else you can also hire a plumbing expert for water heater repair in Greeley, CO.

It would be better to inspect the gas connection for dirt or dust build-up, low gas pressure, etc. An adequate cleaning might also solve your issue.

Bad odor in the warm water.

Sometimes, you will get a strange odor from the warm water. This issue can be the result of bacteria build-up in your water tank. You can eliminate this problem by turning up the thermostat heat to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and letting the heat do the job. If the problem persists, you can also hire a professional service for water heater repair in Greeley, CO.


Every homeowner will face one or multiple problems in the lifespan of their water heater. You may also end up spending extra money for the water heater replacement in Greeley, CO, if you are not careful with your unit. That is why it is essential to keep in touch with an expert plumbing company like Practical Plumbing.

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